On-The-Go Mobile Access

The new PrimeNet mobile app enables employees to clock in & out with geo-fencing for greater accountability. Employees can also request time off, and supervisors can review attendance & approve employee requests.

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Login & Mobile Time Clock

  • GPS enabled geofencing helps ensure that employees clock-in while they are on location.
  • Optional photo verification for clock-in eliminates fraudulent clock-in attempts.
  • Real-time data updating makes it easy for supervisors to monitor hours & breaks.
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More workers in more locations can mean a nightmare for company supervisors. However, with PrimeNet, it does not need to be. PrimeNet's mobile app makes keeping track of employees secure and efficient.

Employee Timesheets & Paid Time Off


  • Employees can make requests to supervisors for days off.
  • Employees can view the status of their requests and see their punch / PTO history & more.
  • Supervisors can respond to PTO requests and review attendance history by day or week.
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Administrators are busy as it is and having to search endlessly through records for employee time sheets does not need to be a required task. With PrimeNet’s mobile app, employees have complete, secure access to their time sheets & PTO data, saving time and money for company administrators.

Supervisor Time & Attendance Tracking

  • Supervisors and employees can communicate through the app in real time over requests regarding PTO.
  • Supervisors can easily track daily & weekly attendance.
  • Data from the app and the PrimeNet web application are synced, so data changes on either end are automatically updated
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With the convenience of cloud communication and data storage, supervisors can quickly and easily access relevant time & attendance data from the office, factory floor, or the road!