Full-Scale Customizable Reports

PrimeNet's fully customizable reports are straight-forward and focused: Check scheduling vs. hours worked, employee time infractions, employee overtime, detailed timesheets and more.

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Approaching Overtime Report

The Approaching OT report helps reduce costs by sending alerts when employees are nearing overtime hours.


Late In Report

The Late In report marks which employees clock in late and helps correct attendance issues.

Punch Exceptions

The Punch Exceptions report records any missed / bad punches in the system so corrections to time sheets are a breeze.

Scheduled Absences Report

The Absences Report gives an overview of scheduled absences over a chosen time period.

Work Department Time Summary

The Work Department Time Summary gives a report of the hours worked in each department.

Employee Department Summary

The Employee Department Summary gives a brief overview of the hours an employee works per department.

Detailed Time Sheets

Detailed time sheets for individual employees are available for review.