Advanced Time & Attendance Solution

Minimize lost time & money. Get alerts for missed punches, overtime hours, and track attendance patterns. Ensure compliance with the Affordable Care Act, Family and Medical Leave Act & More.

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Flexible & Easy To Use

  • Our straight-forward application design reduces employee training time and costs 
  • Custom set application parameters fit company needs.
  • Breakdown regular, overtime, and double time hours by employee and department for Supervisor Sign off.
  • Perform mass schedule updates: Customers can now delete all schedules for all assigned employees for any given day.
  • Assign employees to multiple jobs or departments.
  • Make timesheet pages displayable in print format using Quick Report.
Additional Information

Payroll is the greatest and least managed expense for every company. PrimeNet flips that equation around to reduce the companies greatest expense and make it a sinch to track. PrimeNet's workforce management / time & attendance solution has a straight-forward design that is easy to use and navigate. 

PrimeNet is built to be flexible so features can be configured to reflect the the current processes and terminology of any company. Implementation is quick and easy; all existing employee information can be imported right into the system. Mistakes are surpassed by applying pay rules only when an employee clocks in. This virtually eliminates human error and reduces payroll processing time by as much as 94%. 

Streamlined Supervisor / Employee Interface

  • All modules are employee-centric: The employee ID never changes, therefore card ID changes do not require a call to support, nor do they require special effort at enterprise sites.
  • PrimeNet's easy to use employee time clock portal allow employees to request PTO, review their time sheets, & More. Supervisor responses to requests are instantly visible to employees.
  • Incorporated and enhanced labor management functions: The level hierarchies are an integral feature of employee setup, edit pages, exception pages, and electronic time clock.

Comprehensive Data Management

  • Ability for enterprise customers to create additional databases from the User Interface. 
  • Our Full-Scale Customizable Reports allow you to print, view, and/or assess virtually any data from the application.
  • Extended and enhanced export capabilities within the application: All table data can be exported from within the application to excel.
  • Employee Data, PTO Balances, Labor Levels, & Timeclock data can be easily imported to the application.